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Building Better Relationships
Counseling for all ages and relationships

Specializing in building better relationships through acceptance and understanding

Fees: $130 an hour for all services

Parent Consultation Services:
Consultation services are available for parents to assist with a better understanding of your child or children. You may have a need to better understand your child at this stage of their development having questions about their growth and growing pains. Parent consultation involves strategies to assist parents with difficult behaviors. Perhaps you have an only child or twins or are going through a divorce and have concerns or questions about your unique family structure. The service is to discuss a variety of strategies to implement at home to reduce common behaviors at different developmental stages. Common themes include: following directions, reducing control issues, transitions, bedtime routines, routines and structure, consequences, gender and age, developmental stages, school concerns. Having a person to discuss your child at all ages can be a relief and assist in a better relationship as your child ages. This services is $130.00 for one hour. Parent consultation can occur in the office, over the phone or via Skype. Please call 813-654-1036 or fill out the contact form to set up your first session.

Family Therapy:
Whether we are working with couples, children, adolescents, or individuals the context of the family is vitally important. With families the focus is to look for strengths, for resilience, for different and more productive ways of operating.

Couples Counseling:
Maintaining an intimate and effective relationship over time is a major life challenge. Couples remain together for many reasons, learning effective techniques to change patterns and relate to one another in the present can create more effective communication and help to accept our partners and have the relationship we desire. Couples counseling can be effective at any  stage of a relationship providing a productive outlet to better understanding. 

Life Coaching Services:
Life coaching services are provided to clients who are looking for a supportive relationship that assists them in maximizing their personal or professional potential. Clients come to coaching in hopes to gain results in building better relationships through a creative process that guides them to new ways of thinking and understanding others and themselves. Coaching services are designed to facilitate thinking or learning new skills for personal and professional growth. Many coaching clients are looking for a new and unique perspective that facilitates positive forward movement and increased balance in their lives. Life Coaching can occur in the office, over the phone or via Skype. Please call 813-654-1036 or fill out the contact form to set up your first session.

Initial Visit:
At the initial visit there will be a conversation about your reason for seeking therapy, therapeutic approaches to resolve some of your concerns, and determination of how to move forward in a productive and comfortable manner.

Play Therapy

Working with all ages and abilities. Many children come to therapy due to difficulty in learning or school success. Some children have behaviors within the family setting. Other children suffer from anxiety that prevent them from participating in activities that they enjoy. Therapy will focus on working with you and your children to form a comprehensive understanding of the presenting concern. Treatment includes assistance in parenting and forming coping and behavioral strategies to reduce discomfort and increase happiness.

ASSECT: synergy innovation sexuality tradition

ASSECT Conference: June 6-10 2012


Stephen Duclos, LMFT
Jessica Price, LCSW

Increasing Father Involvement in the Personal and Sexual Development of their Adolescent Daughters

Learning Objective: To employ therapeutic strategies for increasing father involvement in the personal and sexual development of daughters. To increase the role of fathers in resolving adolescent conflicts about sexuality, body image, and different kinds of human relationships.


Winner of the Schiller Prize

ASSECT Conference: June 4-8, 2014

Presenters: Stephen Duclos, LMFT
                  Jessica Price, LCSW

Learning Objective:
To employ therapeutic strategies regarding the role of fantasy play and adolescent sexual development. Assisting to increase effective strategies to address different developmental stages. 



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